Ball valve BREEZE 11s031p

Model 11s031p
Series BREEZE Underground
Connection type welded/welded
Bore type standard bore
Actuator type for underground installation
Shutoff class А
Operating temperature -35….+180ºС
Pressure PN16, PN25
Operating media water, natural gas, oil products, inert gas... Read more…

Goods description

BREEZE Underground: extended stem valves

This valve type may be both heat insulated and direct buried. Valve 11s031p for under cover underground installation in accordance with TU 400-28-91-75 is provided in figure below.

BREEZE Underground: крани з подовженим штоком

All-welded body ball valves (EUROPE series) can be easily heat insulated due to their shape. General requirements to pipeline valve installation and mounting are in accordance with SNiP 41-01, heat insulation and heat network requirements - SNiP 41-02, heat pipeline insulating materials must comply with SNiP 41-03 and fire safety requirements and must be selected depending on the specific conditions and laying methods. The valves for underground installation must not be loaded by the pipeline and surface subsided. It is recommended to perform primary concrete bedding of block valve.

Depending on the conditions of under cover burying (weight and diameter of pipes, shutoff valves), it may be necessary to drive the piles or perform other preparatory work. Thereafter the installation is performed and the welded seam quality is checked. It is important not to superheat the valve during welding and not to close it until completely get cold. The ball valves for underground installation must be rust proofed by applying reinforced insulation in accordance with GOST 9.602.

Extended stem valves are manufactured to the customer order. Please complete a special form to place an order. Please specify all parameters required for such type valve manufacture therein.