Manufacturer of pipeline valves

About Us

28 years of experience in the market of the pipeline fittings and shut-off devices.

22 years of experience in production of the pipeline fittings and shut-off devices.

1995 – LLC “Olbreezservice” was established as a trading company.

1997 – 1999 – Own production of the pipeline parts was started.

2001 – Production line of split body steel ball valves, which are in massive demand through present due to their reliable design, was launched.

2007 – Production of ball valves was expanded by the line of all-welded valves, more than 30 types of which are produced as of today.

2012 – Production of butterfly valves was started.

2015 – Production of solid fuel boilers was started.

2016 – The line of all-welded valves was completed by the models used in the steam pipelines.

The personnel of Plant “Olbreezservice” continuously work towards the product differentiation.

Since 2010, all products of the Plant are produced under own trade mark BREEZE.

Main products of the Plant:

  • steel ball valves,
  • butterfly valves,
  • solid fuel boilers,
  • pipeline parts (branches, crossings, flanges).

Own trade mark


The Plant is equipped with the up-to-date production equipment

End-to-end production cycle is organized at the Plant

As of today, LLC “Olbreezservice” is one of the biggest plants producing the pipeline fittings in the Eastern Europe territory. Hot pressing technology with the use of the mechanical presses with tonnage from 1.600 to 2.500 tons and hammers is used for production of the flanges and one-piece valve bodies. Quality of the welded seams is ensured by fully-automated welding and the equipment by Austrian Firm Fronius.

A ball and a stem of the valve being the parts requiring precision machining are produced on CNC machines and machining centers by Taiwan Firm Dahlih.

Fluoroplastic and plastic elements are manufactured in the own computer-controlled furnaces.

Production facilities of the enterprise are located at two sites: Obuhiv, Kyiv Region, and Gusiatyn Village, Ternopil region.

All completing units are produced by the Plant that allows ensuring the high quality of end products.

We employ talented experts with good prospects: engineers, structural designers, process engineers, power engineers, lather operators, mill operators - dozens of positions held by hard-working and responsible persons.

About 600 persons work at the Plant

Quality of Breeze products

Ball valves, butterfly valves, heating industrial and household boilers, flanges and other products of LLC “Olbreezservice” are produced under due in-process control of the IPCD (In-Process Control Department) of the Plant and certification authorities. Hence, the pipeline fittings by Olbreezservice may be used for heat, water and gas supply, as well as for oil products. The laboratory certified according to DSTU EN 17025 operates at the Plant. All products of the Plant have serial numbers that ensures qualitative warranty and post-warranty service.